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Divergent Factions

There are five main Factions in Divergent of Candor, Amnity, Dauntless, Erudite and Abnegation.

You can find out more about each Faction below and also what happens to people who don’t belong in a Faction.

Some people are able to hide that they don’t fully belong as they are Divergent and others are kicked out of their Faction to join the Factionless.

Divergent Factions Trailer

Candor Faction

Candor (Honesty)

Faction members that belong to Candor are always honest and do not have the ability to lie. When adolescents pass their test to be integrated into Candor as a full Faction member, they have to take a serum that will make sure they tell the complete truth, even if it’s hurtful for other people in the room. This is supposed to help form relationships as everything is out in the open and there’s nothing to hide.

Candor is also responsible for upholding the law as they are unable to lie.

Amnity Faction

Amnity (Peaceful)

The Amnity Faction are responsible for the food production for all Factions. They are a peaceful group that tend to work in harmony. They don’t officially have a leader as such, but instead have a representative that takes their views and represents the majority decision, even if this person disagrees with this decision themselves.

They are the only Faction that regularly goes outside the gate.

Dauntless Faction

Dauntless (Brave)

The Dauntless are basically the Army Faction. It’s important they are brave and strong. They are also daring and more often than not, adrenaline junkies. Lately this Faction has become more aggressive and seems to have gone a little off the rails.

Unlike the other Factions, only the top twenty initiates are ever accepted each year. If you fail to pass the tests or decide to leave then you will either die or join the Factionless.

Abnegation Faction

Abnegation (Selflessness)

The Abnegation Faction is made up of individuals that look after others needs. Their own needs are irrelevant. They feed and clothe the Factionless. They do not look at their own reflection as this is a sign of someone that is self absorbed. A mirror is generally only seen on the one day a year when a hair cut is given.

Members of Abnegation are also in positions of authority and form the Government, as they put others needs before their own. They are responsible for running the tests that every adolescent goes through to decide their future Faction. Only Abnegation teens are tested by non Abnegation members.

Abnegation faction have been tasked with an important role that is only known to a few and has been well guarded.

Erudite Faction

Erudite (Intelligent)

Erudite members focus on knowledge. They like to read and learn new things. They tend to provide the technology that helps all the other Factions. The Amnity benefit from Erudite in being able to grow and harvest food for the nation and the Divergent rely on them for weapons. The Erudite made the serum that every teenager is injected with to take their faction test.


The Factionless are generally frowned upon by everyone but those belonging to Abnegation. The Factionless tend to be people who have failed to fit in with their chosen Faction, or have decided to leave their Faction for whatever reason.

They survive mainly through the help and aid given by Agnegation, otherwise they are seen as homeless and without jobs. They are generally considered to be worthless and do not contribute to society as a whole.


Divergent members are hidden within all of the different Factions. These are people who don’t fit the mold for one particular Faction. They can think in a number of different ways and are unpredictable as they do not behave how others around them behave automatically.

If someone is found to be Divergent in the Dauntless faction they are normally killed. Being different is not looked upon favorably and can be dangerous. Most people who are different have no idea they are classed as Divergent or what it even really means.

Which Faction do you like most? How would you feel living in such a regimented society as Tris and Four? Would you go along with the status quo or would you be a rebel too? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • bev

    i would diffinitely be a DIVERGENT!!! just living one way would drive me crazy!! i would have to find another way–fight the system–we LOVE THE BOOKS!! WE LOOK FORWARD TO ALL 3 MOVIES!! THE ONLY THING I WOULD CHANGE–IS TO FIND A SYRUM THAT WOULD ALLOW TRISS–TO GO ON— OTHERWISE WE LOVED THE ENDING–BUT, SHE DESERVED TO BE PART OF IT ALL!!

    • im 28.6% amity, erudite, and dauntless, and 7.15% candor and selfless IM DIVERGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!

  • Macklin Shanahan

    This page gives all the information that you need! Great books to!

  • Ally

    Dauntless.I would feel like them and I would go along with their ideas and what they do

  • mikaela

    im 30% abnegation,20% Erudite, 20% Amnity, 20% dauntless, 10% Candor, and 100% divergent

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